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About Me

I bought my first dog in 1980 the German sheperd York. I was training with him in a VVDH club in Diest (MTG Diest).

I played with him about 80 competitions, 5 times the Belgium VVDH Championship and I was one time provincial Champion from Brabant.

I am from '83 oficial helper and instructor from FCI (KUSH) and VVDH(WUSV). 

After 5 years training in MTG Diest I went in '85 to the VVDH club KG Veerle (where I am still training).(I was also all the time one of the helpers and training director in KG Veerle and many years in the border of the club)

From '85 till '88 I brougt a few dog's till SCHh 3 (IPO3).

In 1988 I buy a puppy named Natz from Tegelhous. With that dog I was 3 times for the VVDH on the WUSV world championschip('93 '94 '95). In 1993 I was WUSV world Champion in the Netherlands (Nijmegen).

In '97 I had a son of Natz. His name was Task von Haus Milinda.With him I won two times the interland Belgium -Holland and I was one time Belgium VVDH Champion. regrettable I had to stop with training because the dog was injured.he was 5 years old.

From 2003 I was training with Capri Galan Nalag. I brougt him till SCHh 3. When he was almost on  top , I had to stop training with him because he wounded himself during a training and it was not possible any more to do topsport with him.

For the moment I am training with a female, Yente Romanishel.With her I have just missed the selection for the WUSV wk 2006 ,but I have select us for the interland Belgium-Holland and I have winning this trail.

I am also on training now with my young dog  Darco von der Daeleberghutte, and have BH and SHh 1 with him.

I am member of the FCI club OTV Lummen also.

I am also doing a lot of seminars in different countries since 1998.

From 2001 I am regularly in Norway for seminars and training. Two times I have competed for Norway  with a Dobermann at the IDC wk in '03 and'04.

They have also asked me for coach and protection helper for the IDC wk team at Norway'03 '04 '05 '06 and 2007, the WUSV wk team at Tsjechie '04 and the FCI wk team at Norway  in '05.

Gilbert Coudron.